Accessorizing a Wall Unit

Tuesday’s How-To:
Inspired by our new custom cabinet, we wanted to give you the scoop on accessorizing your bookcase or wall unit.



RULE #1:
“Anything will do” is a no-no. Keep the pieces that have meaning or strike you as the most interesting and clear out the rest. Simple is best!

RULE #2:
Books are allowed. Try filling one or two shelves with your favourite novels and cookbooks, leaving the other areas clear for one or two accessories per shelf.

RULE #3:
Hide the junk! Decorative baskets, boxes and containers are great for hiding remotes, DVDs and other bits. Function is important but keeping these items neatly tucked away keeps your space looking tight all the time! (Guests sometimes show up unexpectedly..)

RULE #4:
Don’t crowd the shelves. Choose size appropriate accessories for your shelves. Large open spaces call for a large sized piece – not a bunch of smaller ones. If you’re adding a few “collections” of accessories – groups of 2’s and 3’s are best.

RULE #5:
This rule is debatable, but we like staggered shelves. While super symmetrical arrangements can be classic, they feel a bit stiff. Arrange your shelves unevenly for a relaxed look, but don’t go too crazy!

Still not sure? Visit us for helpful tips and the best accessories!egg egg2 egg3 egg4 egg5 egg6 egg7 egg8 egg9 egg10 egg11 egg12 egg13




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