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Get Inspired!

Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s time to get inspired! Is there a better gift than a new room designed to suit your own personal style? Orders need to be in by Thanksgiving in order for Santa and his elves to have everything delivered before the Holidays!


Here are our favourite pieces to inspire you to write out your wish list…





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Choose the Right Chair

Here’s what you need to know if you’re looking for an additional seat or two in your home:

Questions to ask yourself:

What scale am I looking for in a chair in relation to the rest of my space?

What will this chair most likely be used for? Conversation? Reading? Taking a snooze?

What style am I looking for/What is the style of the room?

Below are some of our favourite styles and fabrics!


The low sloped arm and high back make this chair a great addition to any living room, hallway or reading nook. Great for conversation and transition areas of the home. Don’t fall asleep in this chair – you might fall off!



This deep seat is perfect for a cozy space and lots of relaxation. Get cozy with a second person on this chair or keep it all to yourself. Perfect for family rooms, rec rooms, bedrooms and libraries.



Similar to the first chair above, this seat has a great low sloped arm which allows you to chat with family or friends without getting too glued to your seat. The low back is great for rooms that need a little extra height. Don’t want to block the view of your space from the hall? This chair is the perfect height!



This straight armed, trimmed out chair is perfect for just about any space and style. It’s deep seat makes it super comfy, but it’s tailored look keeps your space looking fresh and clean-lined.



This shapely beauty brings sophistication to any space. Great for living rooms and even a dining lounge. Try it upholstered in one great fabric, or let us help you get creative with a fabric duo that is sure to impress.



The high back and low arm of this cozy chair is great for a tall man, but not overwhelming for someone a little shorter. Great in the library or living room. Add an ottoman for extra comfort!



Don’t be fooled by its size – this chair is great for a “sink-right-in” feeling. Super comfy and super transitional – you really can’t go wrong with this favourite.


Visit us for fabrics,  pricing and more great styles!